Take Time To-Be

How learning to live in the moment allowed my brother to live an imperfect life, perfectly.

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About The Book

Chad Hickman’s success was not measured by college degrees and complex job titles.

He redefined excellence with his ability to shift his perspective to what he did have and to what he could do. He lived completely in the moment and taught us that our quality of life comes from our relationships, our determination to succeed no matter the situation, and by the perspective in which we see ourselves and the world.

Excerpts from the book:

Nathan Hickman

Nathan Hickman is absolutely obsessed with quality of life - both yours and his. His hope is that we all have the awareness to stop wearing our busyness as a badge of honor. His thinking is you can focus on being busy...busy enjoying life. Nathan is passionate about disability and mental health awareness and stigmas. He’s the Founder of a Lifestyle Management Service - TaskPro, writes insights into living your best life in his blog, is a Facilitator trained by the Matrix Leadership Institute, is a Board Trustee for Mind Meets Music, is the Past Chair of a Patient & Family Advisory Council for one of the nation’s top 5 large healthcare systems, is Vice President of Opera Affiliates, which supports Opera Grand Rapids, holds a district leadership position and is actively involved in Toastmasters. Jackie, their Mother reminds Nathan that he was not only inspired by his late brother Chad’s life but he also was a significant source of inspiration for Chad.

What People are Saying

"Come sail away with Nathan as he  takes  you on a voyage of inspiration, courage, and determination about the life of his brother. Chad didn't allow life's circumstances to determine his zeal for living each and every precious day to the fullest of his ability leaving a legacy and an example for everyone to follow. Taking time to be has motivated me to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and embrace the challenges that come along them leaving my life more fulfilled and the world a better place." Terry Lewis, President Lunch Bunch Toastmasters 
"Take Time To Be is a moving adventure into the mind of a unique individual who has an immediate connection with the real world. We often have a disconnect on the world around us because of our busy lives and ambitions. Take Time To Be is a statement about what makes life meaningful and beautiful." Anna Donahue - Anna Donahue Art
"Every once in a while you come across a truly inspiring story. I was invited to a book review party for first time authors, it was there I came across this remarkably moving book written by Nathan Hickman. I have known Nathan for several years working with him on a committee in our community. I had no idea, however, of his personal journey from the tragic circumstances surrounding his older brother's life and death. Nathan has written a wonderful book about the lessons he learned from his brother and the final big lesson about life he carries with him from his brother. Never again will I take for granted what I am experiencing at the moment. Buy it, read it, enjoy it, cry, laugh and most importantly learn from it." Shaula Johnston, Retired College Instructor
"There are books you are blessed to read and this book about Chad’s story is one of them. Today’s world is filled with busyness and discovering ways in the name of progress to go even faster, and with it, the divisive consequence of disconnect. But to find a bridge along your road that reconnects you back to simple necessity of time with those most important in your life is incalculable. "  Doug Kliewer, Greater Story Strategist, Book Coach, Best Selling Author at Storytelling 2 Success


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